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HomeBakerz Wednesday, January 21, 2009
Happy Bedday To U Big Sis! Ngehe~ am out of credit to msg u, so sorry. Wish u here oso ok rite? :-p Well, My pray awiz wif u, may all ur dreams come true, be a gud wife + mum + daughter + sis + sis in law + daugther in law + auntie n bla bla bla, huhu :D n not terforget, oso be a gud muslimah!. Later we celebrate bedday together aite? But pls, i dun want big cake :D i want cupcakes wif 'Liverpool' deco, ngehehe. Again, Happy Bedday Along. Muachs!


Closed Order for January Promotion

HomeBakerz Tuesday, January 20, 2009
Hi all, i need to announce that last day for January promotion will be on the January 30th. I am so sorry to those who called me and i have to reject your order. I make a limit of 10 orders per day at this moment due to my other responsibilities. Another critical problem is that i can only send the orders at nite coz that the only time i can ask help from my hubby.

Thousands thanks to many of you who ordered from me, eza, shida, kak tijah, rose, linda, sham, zira (n those i forget to mention their names too) ... i really make new friends..


Hepi Belated 25th Bday Kish

Dearie Sis,

Thousand sorry that i was so busy last week n didnt have chance at all to upload ur belated bday wishes. I was really2 stuck with january promotion, theraphy with mum, classes, forums n quizzes plus ur 2 nephews and ur bil.

Sorry that i dont have big cake pic for u too. But, it would be nice if you can spend time with us on this CNY so that we can celebrate together. (Im serious - will make biggg cake for us)

Im going to repeat the same whishes on ur birtday. Your 80% near to success. You need to work hard on the 20% left. Dont let any barriers hold u back. We really proud of you... Hepi Bday Sis ...


January Promotion!! Only RM 15 Per Cake!

HomeBakerz Wednesday, January 7, 2009
Hi all. As promised, here is the sample for the cake promotion for this January. There will be in 3 flavors - cotton cheesecake with blueberry topping, black forest cake and carrot cake with cheese frosting. All cakes will be in size 6. For those interested to order, please email me at by stating:

1. Your name
2. When you want the cake (the date)
3. Contact no & ur email address.

Also, feel free to text me @ 012-3483136.

For the delivery, i only cover few location FOC (taman sri andalas, bayu perdana, sentosa, klang town, bukit tinggi, jalan kebun, bukit naga, kg jawa, taman klang jaya) and other location nearby, not more than 10km.

We also deliver to other areas in klang valley but with certain charges form RM 15 to RM 30. Promotion only valid till end of January 2009.

Double Celebration

This birthday cake ordered by En.Hamid for his lovely wife and mother. He asked me to make 2 tier cake. 1st layer is the black forest and cotton cheese heart shape cake on the top. Both layer covered with very rich of blueberry topping as per requested. I heard everybody enjoyed the cake.

Thanks to Nor for sharing her photo as mine is in very bad pixel.

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