U'll Never Walk Alone

HomeBakerz Saturday, February 7, 2009
Adus, sakit ati tul tgk those pics. Unfortunately, i meme x der picture cantik, same goes to my cuppies. Really sorry that the liverpool logo kecil sangat n my work also sememeh :(


Roses oh Roses

Hahah, this is my 1st attempt of making roses from fresh cream. Actually, i bantai jer roses tuh follow my imagination. Later when i saw how to make the real roses from you tube, then i know how bad was my roses. But still, ada la skit rupa rose tak? Still need practice on that, waiting for more projects on roses.


Happy Birthday Haikal

This Omnitricks cake was made for my husben's nephew Haikal. Both my sons Haziq n Haiyi are big fan of Ben 10. They were so happy with the cake. Haziq even asked my hubby to buy Haikal the Omnitrcks that both of them are having.


Little Maressa

This is only very limited time i have so that i decided to post few pictures that i kept with me for so long heheh :))

This is Eza's girl, Maressa Nour Sofea. Putih melepak mcm mak dia juga. Thanks yer Eza for the pics. I dont know it was her birthday, happy birthday ya little Maressa.

Both cakes are the january 2009 promotion, the blueberry cotton cheesecake n blackforest cake.


So Sorry

HomeBakerz Monday, February 2, 2009
Hi guys,

Thousands sorry that den really2 x smpat nak update blog. The reason is, feel like x der mood to update due to very2 bad pictures. I have no camera with me at this moment, so all the pics were snap with hp. Tau jer la how bad is the quality (coz my hp pon bukan canggih mana huhuhu).

Tapi x perla, i will try to update few pics later. Just need masa skit to settle down few things first ...
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