Cuppies For Kish

HomeBakerz Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Visitation To Spastic Centre

HomeBakerz Friday, April 10, 2009
I would like to thank Ms Rose, my fav lecturer (who is 7 years younger than me :)) for giving me the opportunity to look into my ownself and realize how lucky for me and my family in this life. Sometimes i just take life for granted. I hope everybody who were with us went to the spastic centre that day, would feel the same too.

Some pics i would like to share all of you out there;

4 types of muffins to gift away - chuncked chocholate, smarties, lemon raisins and double choc chips.

My classmate, helping in packing all the muffins ...

Waiting for the rest of classmates, Frm left - Kogi, Kavi, Me, Ms Rose, Savina, Vaisha n Sashi

Lil Sis Convo Day

Part of the busy activities was went to Skudai to celebrate Kish Convo Day! What a day for me too, it was hot, crowd, tired, tensed, cramped ... huhuh, cant put them in words. But the most important - Kish was so happy on that day. In fact everybody was happy... Congrats to Kish and thank you for the wonderful moment on your convo eve :) Therefore, i would like to share few pics taken during that day as my gratitute towards my liltle sister.

Kish with mum n dad

Kish in front of the main hall

Kish some where around the campus

Kish n Farah proudly.... graduated

P/s - pd sesapa yang datang x tunjuk muka tuh, it was kind of weird larrr

Ampun Bangat

Heheh... very2 sorry that i havent update for so long. So many excuses till i can make a list here;

- pics are everywhere, in the thumbdrive, pc, handphone memory,
- certain pics cant be downloaded,
- time were so cruel
- mid term, assignments, quizzes, presentation
- coming soon - - - -> FINAL EXAM

Guys, friends ... wish me luck ok :)
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