Brownies - Step by step

HomeBakerz Monday, June 29, 2009

chocolate n butter

brown sugar



vanilla essence

cocoa powder

combine eggs and brown sugar

add vanilla essence

mix well

add in the chocolate butter

Add in flour, and almond flakes

pour into the petin

set in the cutter

arrange some almond flakes

into the oven



Butter Cake

HomeBakerz Tuesday, June 23, 2009
Made the butter cake for balik kampung event. Credit to Beebob for this recipe. It was so simple but yet really delicious. My 2nd child love it so much. The 1st batch finished so fast and it become one of Haiyi peberet as usual :)


A Come Back - Fruit Tartlets

HomeBakerz Monday, June 22, 2009
Been a messy weekend since Kak Wan @ MBSA ordered 5 boxes of fruit tartlets for kenduri. Haven't meet her before and I was so shocked either to call her kakak or adik. Truly awet muda lah Kak Wan heheh, btw, thank you so much for the endless support. I really enjoyed the process, especially the shell's making..


To Brownies Lovers Out There

HomeBakerz Wednesday, June 10, 2009
I like this brownies the most, simply because of its irresistible urge taste of sweet treat. You can indulge yourself with a warm and fuzzy feeling when you have a bite of this wonderful creation.

This dessert made of a fine quality cocoa powder that adds on the richness of chocolaty to its extra ordinary taste into your mouth. You can have them with few flavors such as nutty nuts, dried fruits or even a layer of cheese topping to make it a mouth watering dessert that you could not ever resist.

This dessert is very useful for many occasions. Pack them in a golden base casing with a simple touch of small ribbon or flower on the top is perfect for a door gift on your engagement or wedding day. Serve them in a small bite size will be just nice for your birthday party or any other occasions.

I sell these brownies in a 6 compartments container to those who want them in a small batch size. The promotion price is only RM6.00 per container.

Thank you to my dear friend Rafidah for her effort to bring those brownies to her school in Kg Melayu Subang, MBSA staff (esp my dear aunty there in MBSA), my friends n lecturers in college. Im glad you guys enjoyed the brownies.

So guys (esp brownies lovers)... do grab this special offers as it will last untill end of June 2009.

Enjoy the pics ya ...


Hepi Bday Nasyif

HomeBakerz Friday, June 5, 2009
This is a 3 hours cake made for Nasyif 4th Birthday. It was a chocholate moist cake, layered n garnished with chocolate ganache, weight around 2.5 kg.

I was really2 in a bad shape, thought of cancelling the order but as Mr. Naz said, this is a dreams cake of all children in the world (Malaysia jer kot)hahah. Im glad Nasyif was very happy and looked so surprise the moment he opened the cake's box. And im glad everybody enjoyed the cake too.




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Sausage Plait

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