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HomeBakerz Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Ala Sedeynyer

HomeBakerz Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sedey betul la... sebab there is NO WINNER for my 1st Birthday Bash GiveAway Contest :( Susah ke? Visitors ramai, tapi tak ramai yang willing nak follow my instruction betul2. I really can't help it to give the prizes due to;

1. Contestants tak follow instruction accordingly
2. Contestants send the wrong post to their fb wall
3. Those shared BBGAC in their FB wall status have failed to tag me
4. Contestants tak beri (a) komen membina, (b) hebahkan pada kengkawan about the contest but instead just borak2 kosong on their wall
5. Contestants failed to email me their proof

I feel so sorry for those yang share but failed to fulfill my criteria. Next time, I'm going to make a simple one. Till then, around March there will be another family birthday, I might make another giveaway :)

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